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There are many questions when it comes to caring for you trees???

Q: Are they licensed? This should be the first questioned asked.

A: This protects you as a homeowner that you are not liable for damage, accidents, or injuries

Q: How do I know if my trees need tending to?

A: Dead wood in tree
Branches are lying on your roof
Splits or cracks in the tree
Tree leaning more on one side

Q: When is a good time to prune?

A: Light pruning to remove a few small branches of trees can be done at any time of year. More extensive pruning should be done in late winter to early spring. There are three advantages to pruning at this time of the year. First, wound closure is most rapid if it’s done just prior to when new shoots emerge. Second, there are few insects and disease spores to infest pruning cuts. Third, deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, so it’s easier to see what you’re pruning!

Trees such as elm, maple, walnut and birch are “bleeders” when pruned in late winter to early spring. This oozing sap is annoying when it drips on cars and sidewalks. There is disagreement as to whether the oozing is harmful to trees. It is thought that oozing might interfere with the closure of pruning cuts. Oozing is reduced if these tree species are pruned in the fall. However, fall is probably the least desirable time of year to prune most trees. Pruning cuts close more slowly in the fall than in any of the other seasons.

Q: Why prune?

A: Proper pruning helps establish and maintain healthier, stronger, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing trees. It is also one of the wisest, long-term investments you can make in your property. There are many reasons to prune trees:

IMPROVE HEALTH Deadwood is the prime breeding ground for decay, disease, and insect problems. Removing deadwood is an important pruning objective.

IMPROVE STRUCTURE Poorly attached and weak or broken branches are very common, more so in certain species of trees. Proper understanding of branch attachment is essential when deciding which branches to remove.

Q: Storm damage; Are you covered?

A: If you have insurance we will help you through the processes to see if insurance will cover the loss of tree/trees or damage to your property (as we do offer roofing/construction services).

Q: How much will it cost me?

A: You would be surprised at how a small amount invested now in trimming trees around your property can beautify both your home and your neighborhood. The best thing to do is e-mail or calls us and we would be happy to survey your property and give you a price quote. It is unrealistic to give an estimate over the phone or vial email as we need to see what is actually happening at your site. Every situation is different and in order to efficiently and effectively solve your tree problems, it is important that provide you with a professional diagnosis. We are very reasonably priced and will beat any written estimate by $100.00. Also, we offer an additional 10% senior discount for our 65 and older customers

Q: What forms of payment do we accept?

A: All major credit cards with fee, checks, and cash payments for all services rendered.

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